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About Me

Bonjour! I’m Clément, an enthusiastic French tutor based in the heart of Paris. With a passion for language learning and a wealth of global travel experience, I’m here to help you achieve your French language goals while enhancing your learning techniques.

What I Offer

  • Tailored Learning: I understand your needs, define your goals, and help you build effective habits to ace your French!
  • Progressive Approach: Through meaningful conversations rich in new expressions and vocabulary, you’ll see rapid improvement.
  • Interactive Learning: I use Teachee, a flashcard recording web application, to provide you with written and audio content for study both during and after each lesson.
  • Experienced Guidance: With 12 years of tutoring experience, I know how to identify what drives you and help you overcome any obstacles.


  • 50-minute lesson: €35
  • 10-lesson package: €300 (€30 per lesson)

Ready to Get Started?

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